• Status: Royalty / Streaming
  • Primary Mineral: Gold
  • Primary Country:
    United States
Company Profile

EMX Royalty, The Royalty Generator, enjoys cash flow from producing mines, advance royalties from pre-production properties, annual and milestone payments from property partners and management fees from projects with an expected "run rate" of $30+ million / yr at the end of 2023. Since January 2018, EMX has sold 105+ projects around the globe, creating a royalty with each transaction. EMX currently has 6 producing royalty properties: Caserones (Cu-Mo), Gediktepe (Au/polymetallic), Leeville ( Au), Timok (Cu-Au), Balya (Pb-Zn-Ag) and Gold Bar South (Au). Additionally, EMX has 11 royalty properties in development, 135 in exploration stage and 90 available for sale.

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